Safety Clinics

The following are the available Safety Clinics for the 2021 Spring Season:

*Note: each of these sessions will be virtual. The links to the sessions will be posted on the District 12 site (click here to access).
Safety Clinic Option 1
When: March 23rd at 7:30pm

Safety Clinic Option 2
When: March 25th at 7:30pm

Safety Clinic Option 3
When: March 28th at 11:00am

Every Manager, Coach, and Scorekeeper needs to attend Safety Clinics every 3 years AND at least one member of the coach staff for each team must have attended in the current year.

Coaches Clinics

The following are the available Coaches Clinics for the Spring 2021 Season (week of March 8th):





March 8th

6pm - 6:45pm Brian Giallella Hitting and Defense
7pm - 7:45pm Brian Giallella Practice Organization
8pm - 8:45pmRob NosariHitting
9pm - 9:45pm Rob Nosari Fielding
March 9th
6pm - 6:45pm Pete Cappone Catching
7pm - 7:45pm  Pete Cappene Practice Organization
March 11th
6pm - 6:45pmJames PugliesePitching
7pm - 7:45pmJames PugliesePitching
8pm - 8:45pmJeff PerelliFielding
9pm - 9:45pmJeff PerelliPractice Organization

Each Manager and Coach must attend 4 hours of coaching clinics.


Fingerprinting is required by Hamilton Township

Fingerprinting Form
Under Block #7 (Contributor's Case# (Unique Identifier)) on application form, enter the Hamilton Township number: L05001

The closest IndentoGo center's address is:
1230 Parkway Ave
Suite 102
Ewing, NJ 08628-3018

It is located in the Bank of America building (just east of the intersection of Scotch Rd. and Parkway Ave.) The parking lot has approximately 150 parking spaces. From the parking lot, enter the double doors by the Bank of America entrance. Then turn right, looking for Suite 102.

Every Manager, Coach, and Scorekeeper needs to complete fingerprinting every 3 years.

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