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Welcome to the Nottingham LL 1992 World Series Team Page

In 1992, the Nottingham Little League All Stars had an amazing summer by going on a run that took them all the way to representing the East region in the Little League World Series!! 

Manager: Jerry Conti
Coaches: Matt Wolski, Mike Braender Sr
Michael Braender Tony Frascella Ray Procaccini 
Brad CannonBrandon Kivler   Matt Slaiciunas 
Chad ContiScott KlisuresJeff Vlasac 
Mark Fisher Clay NixonMatt Wolski 
Adam Fomoso Matt O'Neill  

History and Highlights

Little League World Series Record:
Lake Charles, LA (US South) 5-0 (1st  LLWS Night Game in History)
Long Beach, CA (US West) 4-6
South Holland, IL (US Central) 5-2
Long Beach, CA (US West) 0-1

1992 46th LLWS -  Series of Firsts:
- 1st Night Game thanks to newly installed lights on Lamade Field
- 1st time an Olympic Pool / Round Robin format was being used. This format allowed for all teams to play at least 3 games. In the past, teams were eliminated after the first loss.  

East Tournament Record:
North Trenton 32 - 0
Chambersburg 7 - 6
West End 19 - 0
Sunnybrae 5 - 4
Lawrence 8 - 0
Cherry Hill 4 - 3
Glouchester City 4 - 3
Buena 3 - 0
Glouchester City 2 - 3
Glouchester City 8 - 7
Manalapan 4 - 3
Sparta 17 - 1
Clark 16 - 1
Waldorf, Maryland 9 - 0
Darlington, Pawtucket, Rhode Island 7 - 6
Manchester, New Hampshire 4 - 0
Manchester, New Hampshire 8 - 0

Photos and Videos

Highlight video (edited):  1992 Nottingham LLWS

Highlight video (unedited):  1992 Nottingham LLWS

American Championship:  1992 Nottingham LLWS American Championship Game

1992 NLL Pins

Pictures from the LL Archive (Courtesy of Little League Baseball and Softball)






Misc Team Pictures:




Player Memories

Q1. What is your favorite memory of being part of the 1992 team that you remember most?

Matt Wolski: Being part of a group of guys that will live forever and having my dad there the entire way.

Mike Braender: We played in the first night game ever in Williamsport.

Brandon Kivler: Playing great baseball with guys who we played with from the age of 8. How the community all came together to cheer for the team. All of the post game fun with teammates and families at their houses or lodging at states, regionals and World Series.

Matt Slaiciunas: The unbreakable bond and brotherhood that we all had. My fondest memory was when we first arrived at Williamsport and got off the bus. We all ran and slid down the hill. Also, playing the first game ever under the lights in Williamsport. I scored the first run ever under the lights.

Mark Fisher: There were many great moments; too many for me to remember. The entire experience is my favorite memory. The ups and downs (mostly ups), the hard work that made achieving the dream a possibility, and the reality that you need a little luck on your side, even if you're the best. We finished many close games on top and had an excessive number of thrilling come from behind wins. But the most thrilling game was the last one we played together; our 1-0 loss to Long Beach in the US Final, which was decided by a late game homerun that tucked just inside the right field foul pole. None of us will ever forget the name "Ryan Beaver." Nottingham was just as good as Long Beach, but luck was on their side that day, as it was when Little League discovered that the Philippines cheated, making Long Beach World Series champs.

Q2. Do you have any interesting stories that you would like to share from that summer?

Matt Wolski: I remember taking batting practice before our first game in Williamsport, which was the first night game ever. We had not been home in about 3 weeks, so we had no idea that people in Hamilton even knew what we were doing outside of our families. Then during batting practice, three buses of fans showed up from Hamilton with a caravan of cars following. Then, hearing later in life how Jim Maher took his two-year-old son and my future brother-in-law jumped in a car with three buddies just to come see us play is something you never imagine happening when you are 12.

Mike Braender: Our entire team played lacrosse in the hallway of our dorms during the state tournament. Goalies and all at the ends of the hall dressed up in pillows for pads.

Brandon Kivler: Leading up to districts, we had 2 a day practices. The lodging at eastern regionals consisted of cots in an elementary school and we had to be bussed somewhere else to shower.

Matt Slaiciunas: Sleeping on cots in a classroom of a school, next to the field for Regionals in Bristol, Connecticut.

Mark Fisher:
 I recited the Little League Pledge for the LLWS Championship Game. It's amusing to look back and realize that this was the most nerve-wracking moment of the journey for me. I had just come out of a dugout where I met Tom Selleck and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (who was too tall to sit in the dugout without bending his neck), but that was just one celebrity talking to another (In Williamsport as well as back home in Hamilton, the players were the biggest stars). We were on the brink of defeat and down to our last out with our season on the line on several occasions, but we had been there before. Speaking into a camera that you know is being broadcast internationally was a new one for me, which occurred to me right when the "live" light on the camera went on. If curious enough to find the video online, you can see for yourselves.

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